Jake Magalsky

I’m Jake Magalsky. I grew up in a roofing family here in Montana. I graduated from business college in 2000 and was looking for my next big thing. 

I founded Ace Roofing in January of 2004 when people started asking me to do roofing projects for them. It was hard to say no because It was good exercise, I could make money, and I had experience and a knack for the trade. 

I charged a fair price for my talent and quickly became very busy. As I became responsible for the well-being of the people that worked for me,

Six things emerged as the core of our company values: 

#1 Accountability 
#2 Safety 
#3 Professionalism 
#4 Integrity/Quality 
#5 Respect 
#6 Efficiency 

Because of our adherence to this philosophy, Ace Roofing has grown to become much more than that today. 

It is my desire for Ace Roofing to be something more than just roofers doing roofing. In my mind, we need a deeper purpose for being in business. I desire to discover and define the why behind the way we do business. We want to help solve problems for people. 

It has been an incredible journey and the future promises to be a continuation of the same. 

I appreciate this opportunity to earn your business.

Mary Grabeau
Finance Manager

Mary is in her 10th year with Ace Roofing as the Finance Manager.  She comes from a military and postal service career giving 30 years of service combined.  In the military she served in the Finance and Accounting field.  While serving in the Postal Service, she enjoyed various job responsibilities, culminating in the last few years serving the community as a window sales clerk.  She loves customer service and enjoys helping people solve problems. 

She enjoys knitting and gardening and playing with her dogs. 

Heylin Truax
Residential Sales, HR

Born in sunny and humid Panama, I grew up working with my father in the construction industry before going to College. With a Computer Engineering degree, a Business degree and a postgraduate degree in Taxation, I entered the roofing industry over 2 ½ years ago. 10 years ago I met my husband in Florida while on vacation, and the rest is history. 

Now, there’s no place I rather be during summer than Montana. When I’m not helping my customers you will find me working on my ranch taking care of my garden, chickens, horses and cows. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!