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Let it be known…we do roofing. Let’s not forget that. 

We do flat and sloped roofing anywhere in Montana if the numbers make sense.

These are our core values:  A. S. P. I. R. E. 



Our Core Focus is… 

  • Provide 5 star service to every customer every time with products, processes and experiences that attract loyal subcontractors, employees and customers.

Our Commitment to potential customers is that… 

  • We answer the phone or get back to people the next business day.

These are the things that define Ace Roofing. That is WHY we are in business.

My Mother, Elaine

My mother was a full-blooded Ukrainian.  All four of her grandparents came over from the old country.  The Ukrainian heritage flowed through her with force.  She grew up on a farm in North Dakota and learned the value of a dollar and hard work.  Her ethics and moral compass never wavered as far as I ever knew.

She helped my Dad operate the family cattle ranch in Eastern Montana and taught school before any of us kids were born.  Eventually, she had six kids, I was the second oldest.  She was the center of our family.  A true matriarch even when I was a child.

When Dad started his roofing company in 1977 (the year I was born), Mom was his partner.  As we grew up we learned to help in the family business as well.  When I say “grew up” I mean that I was 6 years old and on the roof working.

Mom never weakened and only told us about her cancer when she felt that she could no longer keep it a secret.  Mom was a fighter though and whipped cancer in an unfair match skewed against her.  After her victory, she continued to live life like the amazing woman she was.  She worked hard, often until way after dark.  She continued to learn and gain knowledge her entire life and nearly always went to sleep a wiser person than when she woke up.

Her old nemesis cancer returned after 11 years and this time came with fangs and claws out.  He got her in July of ’04 and left a giant void that will never be filled again.

She left me with all of the things that were good about her.  I learned how to solve problems and resolve conflicts from her.  She had the mind of an engineer and she left me that as well.  I will never match her work ethic but it is something I will always attempt to emulate.  Ace Roofing is a byproduct of her efforts even though it was in infancy when she left us.

Every year at Ace Roofing we have a tradition.  We have a company Christmas party in a unique location.  It’s almost always somewhere different than the year before.  We declare it a holiday and give our people a paid day off the day after the Christmas party.  It is always held on December 19th.  December 19th…the day my Mother was born on this earth.

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Failing Seams on an EPDM Rubber Roof


Black rubber vs white rubber?  The condensed argument goes like this:  Black rubber (bad) is glued together and the glue will eventually fail.  White rubber (good) is heat-welded together and becomes a single, impermeable membrane.  Black rubber is called EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer).  It is essentially the same thing as a rubber tire inner tube rubber for inside a car tire.  White rubber is in two types; either PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin). 

They are both heat-welded together and they are both better than EPDM.  However, we at Ace Roofing believe that the best product that we can offer our customers for flat roof applications is a PVC membrane manufactured by IB Roof Systems.  These roofs will last 30+ years and we take pride in installing them with integrity.  Click on this link FLAT ROOFS for more information.

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