Most of our clients have a lot of questions about roofing. In order to start serving you with professionalism and integrity, we have gathered together some of the most asked questions.


We’d be happy to provide you with that. It’s just more proof of legitimacy that you should ask any contractor to provide for you.

We’d be happy to give you a list of references from our previous customers.

We try to anticipate anything that may arise during the roof project and include it in our bid. The two biggest additional costs are: 1) Additonal layers of tear off. Usually we can lift up the old roofing and count the layers of roofing that are present and include that accordingly in our estimate. Occasionally there can be an additional layer that was unforeseen. If this is the case we will document the additional layer with photos and, if it is an insurance claim, we will submit the extra cost to the insurance company as a “supplement”. This means that the insurance company will pay for it, not you. 2) Re-sheathing the roof. At the time that a salesperson inspects the roof to draw up an estimate, the roof sheathing can typically be inspected from the underside by peaking into the attic space and looking at the bottom side of the roof. In old houses built prior to the 1960s “skip sheathing” or “gap sheathing” may be present. This means that the roof was sheathed with 1” x 8” or 10” boards and the builders usually left a gap between the boards. If the gaps are greater than ½”, re-sheathing with plywood or OSB will most likely be necessary to insure that a row of nails (shingle roofs) or screws (metal roofs) holding the new roofing on will not fall in the gap and render those fasteners useless making the new roofing material more vulnerable to damage from wind.

We have worked hard to achieve a reputation as a company that commits to your project until it is finished. We don’t jump from job to job like some contractors do. We have found that if you try to please everybody you will only end up frustrating everybody including yourself. When we give a bid to a customer, it has a 30 day expiration date. That price is good for 30 days. We will likely honor that price beyond 30 days if material costs have not increased.

Most likely, yes. Our software allows us to show you the projects we’ve completed within a certain radius of your building location.

If the existing plywood is rotten or damaged it may need to be replaced. Also, if your home was built prior to 1960 it may have been sheeted with 1” boards. Often when roofs were sheeted in this fashion the builders left gap spacing between the boards to maximize building material usage. The “gap sheeting” should always be sheeted over with CDX plywood or OSB in a re-roofing project if the gaps are >1/2”.

It could be more than you think and minimal repairs could extend that life. You should call us for a professional roof inspection.

It depends on what your needs are? Metal roofs are more labor intensive and expensive but in some cases may have higher wind resistance and longer, maintenance free life expectancy than certain shingle products. On the other hand, there are many options for both shingles and metal roofing products. You should contact Ace Roofing to discuss the specific needs of your roofing project.

Yes, by several commercial membrane manufacturers including: IB Roof Systems, GenFlex Roofing Products, Carlisle Roofing Products, Conklin Company Roofing Products.

Ace Roofing is fully licensed and insured (available certification upon request).

If you aren’t certain that you can trust a roofing company that is attempting to sell you a roof, then yes, you should “interview” two, three, or more companies until you find one that is fair and trustworthy. Insurance companies often coach property owners to get three estimates to make sure the owner isn’t taken advantage of by the first salesperson that knocks on the door. However, if you know a roofing company to be trustworthy there is nothing wrong with giving them the responsibility of doing the work.

CTA, Candice Miller, Locati Architecture, CommaQ Architecture, A&E Architecture, and many more.

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  • Great Falls International Airport Terminal Expansion
  • Gibson Guitar Factory
  • Kalispell City Waste Water Facility
  • Park County/Livingston City/County Complex Building (Courthouse)
  • Alkali Elementary School (Billings)
  • Hardin Volunteer Fire Department
  • Billings Fire Station #2
  • Mission Field Airport Terminal Building (Park County)
  • Park County Museum (Livingston)
  • Distinctive Lighting (Bozeman)
  • Napa Auto Parts (Bozeman)
  • The Crystal Bar (Downtown Bozeman)
  • Counterpoint Building (Livingston)
  • The Bank Bar (Wilsall)
  • Numerous downtown buildings in Livingston and Big Timber
  • Lakeside Lodges (condos in Yellowstone Club, Big Sky connected to the Warren Miller Lodge)
  • Livingston Food Pantry Building
  • Livingston Masonic Temple
  • Original Governor’s Mansion

We have spent years testing and researching the best products in the industry so that we can recommend them to our customers. For flat roofs we strongly believe in the time tested materials produced by IB Roof Systems. On sloped roof we have found the highest quality products to be Bridger Steel’s metal roof materials and Malarkey Roofing products high quality shingle materials.

Ask if you can get a copy of their work comp and general liability insurance certificates with you (the building owner) listed as “additionally insured”.  This will protect you and your property during construction.  If this cannot be provided by the contractor then he is not a legitimate contractor and should never be considered for the project regardless of how low his price might be.  This is usually a sign of a sketchy contractor who cannot be trusted.

You should contact Ace Roofing in the planning stages of the project. We can work with your architect and builder throughout the entire planning process. We will be able to assist in choosing the right roofing material for the project and you will have the peace of mind knowing who will be on your roof when the time comes to get it done. This also insures that you get us on your roof in a timely fashion when the construction schedule requires.