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about us
My name is Jake Magalsky. I started Ace Roofing in January, 2004 in the same way that many small businesses get started. I grew up in a roofing family and had acquired adequate experience to be proud of my abilities as a roofing technician. However, like many young men, I needed to break away. I didn't get back into roofing until three years after I graduated from business college.

When people started asking me to do roofing projects for them, because they knew I was good at it, it was hard to say no. It was good exercise, I could make money, and I had experience and a knack for the trade.

I charged a fair price for my talent and quickly became so busy I had to ask my sister to help me with tear offs. Soon I was recruiting friends to help get the work done. About two years into this gig I landed a large commercial job that pushed me into a full time business. I got set up like a real business and hired employees.

When I became responsible for the well being of the people that worked for me, I knew that safety was extremely important. Also, from the start, I knew that quality of craftsmanship was something I never wanted to sacrifice. We also had to be capable of getting the work done in a timely fashion for our customers. From these three things our core-values emerged. #1 Accountability #2 Safety #3 Professional #4 Integrity/Quality #5 Respect #6 Efficiency. Because of our adherence to this philosophy, Ace Roofing has become much more than that today.

With quality mentoring from a few people who had more wisdom and knowledge than I, I learned, and continue to learn, about leadership and business structure. I wanted Ace Roofing to be something more than just a few roofers with tool bags, fixing roofs. In my mind, we needed a deeper purpose for being in business. I wanted to define why and how we did business. This has been an incredible journey and the future promises to be a continuation of the same.

Jake in the 80's

top reasons

to work with us


We use only the best products and provide you with the highest quality installation personnel to ensure your complete satisfaction.


We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees, your property, and anyone who may be below us, while we're working.


We will complete your roofing project within the agreed time, barring weather or other unforseen issues. Your timetable is just as import as ours.


Working like a well tuned machine, we'll coordinate with your other contractors to get the job done efficiently and with few delays.

A roof to be proud of

our main

Quality, Trust, Complete Satisfaction.

If any one of these are missing, we've failed at our job. We value you as more than just a customer. We desire to build a long-lasting relationship so when you or someone you know needs roofing work, you know who to call. We want your roof to be something you don't need to think about, and something we can be proud of.

Are we perfect 100% of the time? No, we're human and, as such, we can make mistakes. But, when we do we own up to it and fix the issue immediately. We stand behind our workmanship and we provide you with a means of contacting us 24/7. As a Montana company, we're setting the bar of excellence in our industry.


When you need roof work done, call the company that is setting the standard, in Montana, for the highest quality craftsmanship and products. At Ace Roofing, we consider your roof, our roof and second best just doesn't cut it.

Our Front Office Team

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