Repair & Maintenance


New Roof and Re-roof projects are all part of what Ace Roofing offers. Whether it's your family home with years of good memories attached to it, a new house that you're building, or an investment property, Ace Roofing will tackle the project and work with you and your team to get it done, make it look good, and keep it worry free for years to come.

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When it makes sense (and it often does) Ace Roofing will attempt to sell you a roof repair to maximize the life of your existing roof. We would rather see you spend less money to fix the problem if it is feasible to do so.
We can conduct repairs on all types of roofs. Metal roof repair, shingle roof repair, flat roof repair (whether it is tar or rubber), even foam roof repair can be conducted by our trained roof technicians.

If you would like Ace Roofing to conduct an annual roof inspection and perform repairs as needed, then a maintenance contract may be very beneficial to you and your building. Finding and fixing problems before they create bigger problems is always money well spent.

Wind / Hail / Insurance Claims
Ace Roofing sales personnel have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the entire process of an insurance claim due to storm damage. We will work along with your insurance adjuster throughout the entire process to insure that everybody is treated fair. We will keep you informed as the project progresses so there will be as little hassle as possible for you.