Metal Roof

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Standing Seam and Tuff Rib Steel Roofing Panels

Ace Roofing uses quality Bridger Steel panels and trim to insure the beauty and longevity of your structure. These high quality products come with a 40 year warranty on chalking, fading and peeling. Metal roofs are highly resistant to wind, sun, hail and other elements that can affect a roof.


The ultimate in protection for your home or business. This mechanically seamed concealed fastener panel can be installed with either a fixed or floating clip system. Mechanical Lock is available in a radius panel and in some cases, the panels can be manufactured at your job site (some limitations apply). 

Our Mechanical Lock panel is ideal for low slopes and long runs.


Available Colors

Mechanical Lock Metal Roofing Colors







Our Tru-Snap is a concealed fastener panel installed with a floating clip system, which allows for expansion and contraction of the panel. 

Tru-Snap is available with 1" and 1-1/2" rib heights. Custom widths available between 9" and 20". This panel is a powerhouse, wind rated at 130 mph and looks beautiful in both striated and flat profile options.


Available Colors

Tru-Snap Metal Roofing Colors







Our SL Nail Strip is a concealed fastener panel with a built-in nail flange for easy installation - no clips required. It is offered with 1" and 1-1/2" rib heights. Common widths range from 11" - 16" wide depending on rib height, and Bridger Steel offers custom widths between 9" and 20" for this panel.  


SL Panel Colors

SL Panel Colors






2.67" x 7/8" Architectural Corrugated Roofing Panel

Structurally strong, incredibly impact resistant. Bridger Steel's 2.67" x 7/8" Corrugated Panel features our custom anti siphon groove and anti-siphon trough with a 5 degree overbend on overlap for exceptional weather protection. An excellent choice for exterior roofing or siding applications, the 2.67" Corrugated metal roofing panel is also stunning as an interior siding application. 

2.67 panel

Corrugated Panel Colors

Corrugated Panel Colors






1-1/4" x 1/4" Architectural Corrugated Roofing Panel

Step back in time with Bridger Steel's true radius ribbed corrugated panel profile. Great for architectural, interior or exterior applications.  

Our 1-1/4" Corrugated panel comes in a variety of gauges, colors, finishes and even prints- offering you a lot when it comes to design options.

1-1_4 panel

1-1/4" Corrugated Colors

1-1/4" Corrugated Colors