Commercial-Flat-Cool-Roofs-001(Apartment buildings, airports, schools, gymnasiums, parking garages, fire stations, courthouses, downtown business, etc.)
Commercial building owners
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Jake is busy out and about bidding roofs this week. Give us a call to get on our spring schedule!!

Commercial flat roofs are the core of Ace Roofing and have been since the beginning. In 1977 my Dad, Joe Magalsky, started his roofing business as a flat roofing specialist, as well, and I grew up under that discipline.

Ace Roofing uses quality IB Roof Systems time proven PVC membrane. We are also certified installers of GenFlex, Carlisle, and Conklin membrane roofing systems.



  • Metal Roofs
    Standing seam and Tuff Rib steel roofing panels
    Ace Roofing uses quality Bridger Steel panels and trim to insure the beauty and longevity of your structure. These high quality products come with a 40 year warranty on chalking, fading and peeling. Metal roofs are highly resistant to wind, sun, hail and other elements that can affect a roof.
  • Shingle Roofs
    30 year, 50 year and Lifetime Shingles
    Ace Roofing believes that the best shingle manufacturer in the industry is Malarkey Roofing Products. We offer 3 levels of Malarkey shingle roof systems.
    Highlander 30 years shingles
    Wind rated at 85 mph
    Legacy 50 year SBS modified (rubberized) shingles
    Wind rated at 115 mph
    Class 4 impact resistant
    Windsor Lifetime SBS modified (rubberized) shingles
    Wind rated at 130 mph