Jake Magalsky was born in Glendive, Montana in the late 70's. At that time his Dad was running a family cattle ranch. The family moved to the Shields Valley in Park County late in the year of 1981. His Dad owned and operated two businesses there, a gravel pit and gravel delivery company, as well as, a roofing contracting business.

Jake attended school in Wilsall and Clyde Park, Montana. He was home schooled for half of his K-12 education and graduated with the Montana Home School Association in 1995. Jake attended college at Dickinson State University in North Dakota (1996-2000) and earned a bachelor degree in Business Administration, as well as, an associates degree in Ranch Management.

During high school and college Jake worked as an elk hunting guide in the Spanish Peaks and also as a backcountry wrangler and mule packer in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the interior of Yellowstone National Park. He also held several jobs as a cowboy on large ranches from Miles City to Big Timber to Dillon. After college he worked in heavy construction and traveled around the country from California to South Carolina from 2001-2003. In 2003 Jake moved back to Park County, Montana. After a seasonal gig as a wrangler at a guest ranch Jake started Ace Roofing in January, 2004. His role at Ace Roofing has evolved over the years and is currently company president and manager of sales and logistics.

In his spare time Jake has many hobbies and interests. He enjoys flying airplanes, riding his motorcycle, ice climbing, rock climbing, hunting, studying entrepreneurship and leadership, and traveling and exploring new places near and far. His greatest fear is the fear of not living up to his full potential.